Saturday, September 15, 2007

One Shooter...Three Shots... Four Birds

After looking all afternoon for geese Harley spotted a half dozen birds on a farm pond that we have hunted before. Harley and Barry were positioned near the dam of the pond and I approached from the other end to push the birds off. The birds headed right for Harley and I heard him empty 3 quick shots from his gun as it start to "rain" geese. The first shot dropped two and one goose for each of the other two shots. When I reached Harley at the dam he thought he had bagged only three birds and wasn't aware of the second bird on the first shot.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A couple that didn't get away

Harley spotted about 6 geese on a pond near Herrickville on his way home from work so we returned a little while later with Barry to try our luck. When we returned there were 25 to 30 birds feeding in a lawn near the pond. We left Barry in the truck as we tried to sneak up close to the birds but we were spotted early. The birds started to fly and we started shooting. We had two birds in the water and the rest flew off. By the time Harley returned with Barry one of the birds had recovered and started swimming out into the pond. Barry retrieved the "non-swimming" bird first as the second bird continued toward the other side of the pond. Barry finally spotted the swimming bird and headed for it. The bird dove below the surface as Barry got close but he didn't let the bird try that move again.

Watch the video as Barry returns from a long swim with the bird.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sam's Geese

Harley got a call from Sam around 5:00P to let him know there were 4 or 5 geese in his lawn/golf course. It didn't sound like a lot of geese but another chance for Barry to retrieve a goose or two.

When we arrived at Sam's we counted at least 7 or 8 geese near the pond. Sam had cut a new road through the woods below the pond so we could easily sneak up on the geese. We jumped up over the edge of the pond and found about 10 geese. When the smoke cleared we had 4 down and another couple of geese dazed. I had to hold up shooting at one dazed goose because the line of fire was too close to Sam's house.

Barry was more than happy to help with the clean-up.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

The First Day of the 2007 Goose Season

The dogs are ready

Found some geese along Wyalusing Creek

Help an ATV